kayak and granite

With my series of kayak and stone, I intend to capture a moment in time removed from modern societal constructs. These works of geological formation, erosion, speak directly of the action of time on objects. Weathered rock , sentinels to the raw force of nature, are markers that connect us to a situation, a wildness, and – with the addition of the kayak – human intervention.

We access an environment stripped clean of technological wrappings and cast our gaze out across the elemental world. To take stock of the vast majesty that we all live in, but seem to appreciate as less and less essential to our lived daily reality.

In the pairing of stone to kayak, we can reaffirm the interconnectedness of matter and man, and access our sensorial, sensual feelings to re-identify with the greater universal mysteries surrounding us.

This work is a personal testimony of how it feels to be alive now at the beginning of the 21st century. It is also, in large part, medicine for my spirit. I come upon the very materials I work with when wandering through the wilderness - camping, canoeing, trekking or snowshoeing in northern Canada.